Mindfulness self-help book

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Achieve mindfulness with a self-help book from MindWay. We developed the MindWay method, including a self-healing book that helps you to become mindful. Our self-help book helps you to set life goals with the help of practical tips based on theory and science on goal setting. Write down your thoughts and write freely about several subjects. Why write it down on paper? Writing down your goals significantly improves the chances of achieving them. This can be done by writing down specific goals. Do not be vague, but be precise. The more concrete the goal, the better the chances of achieving it.

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Achieving mindfulness with a self-help book for a better future

Mindfulness in combination with a self-help book helps you work towards a better future. Our self-healing book motivates you to write your own journal. You can set goals and track your habits. The self-help book contains several assignments to help you achieve mindfulness. You write about your ideal future, but also about a possible future you want to avoid at all costs. This mapping out your future and strategizing towards it, helps you to find calm and helps your personal development. Our program is developed to be self-exploratory. You take the first step towards mindfulness with our self-help book.

Do not wait, but take matters in your own hands

Do not keep waiting, but take matters in your own hands with our self-healing book. Mindfulness helps you in your journey towards self-discovery. Order our self-healing book and planner online or contact us if you want to know more about our MindWay Method. We are happy to help you get started on your path towards a better future.

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