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Write a journal in a book that we designed for this purpose. Writing a journal is not always easy. MindWay designed a book that helps you to set life goals. We offer you practical tips on goal setting. We get you on the way to map your ideal future. The book offers free writing space as well to write your own journal. You can write whatever is on your mind. Write about your work, health, habits, learning, free time, and social life. Anything that springs to mind. Journaling or writing down your thoughts is beneficial for your mental health. With our book, we help you get on the way to your own self-exploratory journal.

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A journal in your own book with a letter to your future self

A journal is something intimate. Something personal. It is your life’s story. If you write your journal in our book, we offer many possibilities. We offer questionnaires to help you conceptualize. To help you write a letter to your future self. What will you tell yourself? What destination do you want to reach? Is it happiness? Is it mindfulness? Whatever you want to achieve, it is important you write down your thoughts and desires. It helps you conceptualize your goals and your desired future. In order to strategize toward that future, you need to visualize that future. Think about what your ideal future is, but also think about a dystopian future. What do you want to avoid at all cost? Our book helps you to create a journal to get to that future.

Change desire to action

Do you want to change your mind? Then writing down your thoughts as a journal in our book is the first step. Help yourself to get to that better place. Buy our book online or contact us for more information. We are happy to tell your everything about our unique goalsetting method.

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