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Change your mind with a planner or book designed for this purpose. Organize your goals and create a system for optimal productivity. MindWay developed a planner or book to help you change your mind to become more purposeful, confident, and courageous. We all feel overwhelmed sometimes. We experience triumphs, but also difficulties. We are on top of the world and next thing we know, we feel hopelessly defeated. Our feeling of success seems connected to our decisions. Did we make the right decision? We are expected to, even though we know little about where the roads might take us. This creates uncertainty in us. With our planner you can change your mind to regain control of your goals.

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Map your future and change your mind with our planner

Our planner or book helps you to change your mind so you find the purpose of life again. If you feel helpless then let the MindWay Method help you to get back on track. With our planner you set long term goals and annual goals. The book contains several tools to help you. You can track your habits. You can reflect upon yourself and your habits monthly. There is room to make notes and the back of the planner has a pocket for papers, notes, and receipts. Writing down your goals in our planner or book helps you to change your mind towards your future. Writing offers several benefits. Putting your goal on paper helps you to improve the changes to achieve them. Why not type it on your computer or tablet? Writing on paper enhances the cognitive function for memory, critical thinking, and conceptual development.

Write down your goals and buy our planner

Do you want to know more about our planner or book and do you want to challenge yourself to change your mind about your future and strive for happiness? Order the planner online or contact us for more information. We are happy to tell you more about our method and how it might help you. You can reach us via our contact form.

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