Getting My Life Back After Losing My Job

Getting My Life Back After Losing My Job

I was living a life I thought was pretty much everything I’d always wanted. Had the perfect job, a great home with my girlfriend, and it was all working out exactly as I had imagined it. My girlfriend and I were even discussing taking the next step in our relationship. And then I was fired from my job as an ad executive. That moment is one I’ll never forget. It completely crushed me. I fell into a hole of dark days, watching movies with the curtains closed, eating the worst kind of food I could find.


My girlfriend kept trying to gently coax me into moving my life forward again. But I had gone off into this stagnant part of myself, where nothing was motivating me to try and move things forward. It was as if I was defined by the success I had in the job and being fired completely blindsided me to the point that finding success felt impossible because I already had it and lost it.


It wasn’t looking pretty for me, and I know that my girlfriend was starting to consider leaving. A friend of me advised me to try the Mindway method. At first I was not very convinced’ But I felt like having nothing to lose. And as I spent time with the exercises for the next few hours, I found myself just writing down answers to the questions it kept asking me on the pages within.


By the time I finished answering the initial questions, I realized how not right for me the career I was so attached to was. In fact, it was nothing at all that I wanted to do with my life. I finally had a direction to pursue what I was most passionate about. Here I am now, half a year later and I regained my confidence. Taking time to think about my future really helped me to pull myself together. 


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