How Writing is The Most Important Part of Goal Setting

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You’ve had that one goal that has seemed completely unattainable for so many years. No matter what you do you can’t seem to quite get there, reach it, and grab ahold of it. And you know that you’re a pro at list-making. You write down the to do list every single day and you knock it out like it’s nothing. But have you ever thought of writing down your goal? We know you say you probably have done that already, but have you honestly?
We know what you’re thinking, it sounds so simple that can’t just be why. Allow us to divulge into why writing is the most important part of goal setting and a truly effective one.
You’re thinking of just writing down, “I want to own a restaurant,” as writing down your goal. But have you ever sat down and visualized what every aspect of your restaurant entails? What are the smells are from the food cooking in the kitchen? The aromas in the air as you carry a plate of food to your favorite customer as it mixes in the air with all the other dishes you walk past. The color and style of the silverware and plates on each table. Down to each detail. Have you ever written down your goal so vividly that anyone who reads it can feel it and see it? That it becomes a visceral experience for them? This is what we mean when we say write your goal down.
Taking the time to write down your goal in this amount of detail breathes life into it. Now you’re probably wondering, how doing an exercise such as this actually helps you achieve your goals? Or, that writing it down in such detail feels like a complete waste of time?
What you’re actually doing when you write down your goals in this visceral fashion is you’re encoding. Encoding is a biological phenomenon where the things we perceive travel to our brain’s hippocampus where they’re analyzed. After it’s analyzed, the brain decides what gets stored for future reference (long-term memory) and what gets discarded. By taking the time to write down your goals in great detail is actually helping your brain to store it so that it’s remembered and can be recalled upon any time that you’re not feeling like you should pursue the steps necessary to achieve your goal.
By practicing this with each and every goal that you have set for yourself you’re actually creating what’s known as the “generational effect”. This translates to your ability to recall better the things that you have self-generated versus the things that you have read. It’s a bit of a pretty cool supernatural ability, at least I think it is. Also, what comes with taking the time to write your goals down in such a way is longevity. Longevity in the sense that if you can feel it, see it, taste it you are driven more to pursue it until it’s realized. With the generational effect, you’re actually building your cognitive awareness in many ways. Writing things down in such detail requires you to think of spatial relations, placing of objects, their color, what they look like, their sizes and how they relate to each other. Everything from, for example, the color of the curtains, where the windows are placed, imagining what people’s reactions will be to the meals. That’s a whole heck of a lot of cognitive super-processing right there. 
When you take the time to write down and dive into the generational effect you should notice that even your subconscious is reacting to the goals you set. To the affect that you’re taking steps without realizing to accomplishing your goals. Making conscious choices to not do certain things by running them through the filter of “does it fit the picture my goal creates”. In a way, this is a very self-empowering exercise. You’re starting to only make choices and take actions that lead you to your goal. This keep you on the path you’ve set forth by designing your life with the simple act of writing it down.
As you can see, the writing down of your goal isn’t as simple as just jotting down, “I want to own a restaurant.” It takes far more thought and brain stamina to literally create every detail of your restaurant. Putting in the effort to put pen to paper and outline your goal in such a way that you’re living, breathing and being it every day is worth writing it down. Don’t you think?

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