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Goal Setting Method & Planner

Turn your goals into reality with our trusted tools. Increase your chances of achieving goals with 42% by sharpening your focus and never getting distracted again. You will be asked to visualize every aspect of life such as health, habits, work, social life, learning and free time. The complimentary Mindway Planner helps you to work and reflect on those goals on a daily base and keep you on track. Stop looking for inspiration and start creating your ideal future.

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Write it down.

Putting your thoughts and desires on paper can help to see more clearly what you want out of life. This program is designed to be self-exploratory. To help you conceptualize your ideal future. And then to examine how to strategize towards it. 



● Experience the ease of our science based framework.

● Master the latest knowledge on setting and achieving goals.

● Effortlessly write down your goals by answering the right questions.

● Find renewed motivation and clarity you can take anywhere.


How Writing is The Most Important Part of Goal Setting

You’ve had that one goal that has seemed completely unattainable for so many years. No matter what you do you can’t seem to quite get there, reach it, and grab ahold of it. And you know that you’re a pro at list-making. You write down the to do list every single day and you knock it out like it’s nothing. But have you ever thought of writing down your goal? We know you say you probably have done that already, but have you honestly? 

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Motivation comes in two types: Extrinsic Motivation and Intrinsic Motivation.

Do you ever struggle to get out of bed? Whether we easily get out of bed depends on our plans for the rest of the day. Some tasks we enjoy more than others and we are therefore more motivated to do. But do we genuinely need to accept this as an innate feature of life? The short answer is no. If we design our lives intelligently, we can make laziness or procrastination a thing from the past. To do so, we need to understand how motivation works.

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Why and How You Should Journal For Your Mental Health

You’ve probably heard your friends talking about it, or even some actually directly recommending that you try it for yourself. It’s become something that so many people are making part of their daily routine that you can find article after article about it online. What is it? Journaling. When it comes to journaling for your mental health there are some really great benefits to taking the time out of your day to write down your thoughts. 

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mind way goal method
mind way goal method
mind way goal method
mind way goal method
mind way goal method
mind way goal method
mind way goal method
mind way goal method
mind way goal method
MindWay - Goal Setting Method
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The ultimate tool to create a happier, healthier you. This Method helps you to create a total of 5 goals that are meaningful to you. You will be asked to visualize aspects of life such as: health, habits, work, social life, learning and free time. Create your ideal future and live a life without limits.

    What you achieved.

    The Mindway Method gave me more insight into what I want out of life. I recently lost my job and did not know where to start setting a direction. The Method helped me to create a beginning.

    Tom, The Netherlands

    I really appreciated doing the MindWay method on many levels. One of the things I liked about it was that I was kind of forced to do something we don’t do enough and that is to take a moment to stop everything we’re doing and to think about our life goals and things we’d like to achieve. 

    Patrick, Canada

    I was never truly happy with the kind of work I was doing. Day in, day out. My life was on repeat, so it felt. Then, I stumbled upon the Mindway Method, and I put real effort into it. Now, I work part-time and I am starting a new study to become chef in my own restaurant some day!

    Britt, The Netherlands

    It's all up to you now.